Join our Minecraft server


This server is a vanilla game with few community enhancements:

Trade signs are available, you can change your emeralds for $ at a rate 1:1 at the Central Bank in <Genesis City>.

Watch out if you plan to steal other citizen, because anyone here can see the history of each block in the world. To do so, scratch some wood out of one of your chest then it’s time to craft a wooden pickaxe! Simply trig the wooden pickaxe’s special effect using right click on any object you want!

Spigot server


  • EssentialsX-
  • LogBlock-1.15.2.jar
  • LuckPerms-Bukkit-5.0.83.jar

Player commands:

  • /balance
  • /balancetop
  • /itemdb

King’s power

  • Voir la liste des membres de la famille:

/rg info __global__

  • Ajouter un joueur à la famille (droit de construire/détruire partout en dehors de Libertisland):

/rg addmember __global__ {PLAYER-NAME}